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The team at Gale O. Boyer Roofing LLC knows that your roofing project needs special attention to detail and completed on a timely basis.  That's why we offer free estimates and provide competitive pricing to ensure that your new roof or repair offers the finest quality materials, quality workmanship and outstanding service.

Roof Replacement

When do you need to replace your roof?

Roofs and roofing materials are designed and built to last at least 20 years in most cases. Sometimes roofs just need to be replaced because they have reached their full life span and are visibly old and worn. If you live in a neighborhood where many of the homes were built at the same time and you notice your neighbors replacing their roofs, there is a good indication yours is due soon.

It's a good idea to get an estimate on replacing the roof on your home before it fails, which can results in other damages to your home and more costly repair expenses.

Gale O. Boyer Roofing provides quality roofing services and repairs and we are a licensed, insured and bonded roof contractor.


Replacement roofs and services:

Gale O. Boyer Roofing offers a local, family-owned team of experienced roofers who are capable of working with many different roofing materials.   We install and repair the following roofing services:

  • Shingles & Vents

  • Soffit & Fascia

  • Cornices

  • Roof Decks (Asphalt, Rubber and Flintlastic)

  • Ice & Snow Barriers

  • Old tear-offs, new assembly & repairs

On-Site Roof and Seamless Gutter Fabrication

The team at Gale O. Boyer Roofing will complete your new roof project with quality, professionalism and satisfaction.

We'll bring the roofing materials to your home and install them on-site. 

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